The God who cares for us.

The Providential Care of Christ
Matthew 10:24-29
“So do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows.”

In an age of uncertainty, fear can easily become a constant companion.  We look at world events, and we become apprehensive about the future.  Yet, the circumstances that confront us daily are even more fearful, adversely affecting us, yet we have no control over them.  We become worried about what tomorrow will bring.  We are anxious about the events that happen outside our control.  We are nervous about decisions that confront us.  A day goes by without fear passing through the mind and gripping the heart.

In verses 16-25, Jesus warned the disciples that they would face persecution and rejection because of their association with Christ.  Jesus was sending the disciples out on their first independent missionary journey.  Working in pairs, they were to go throughout Israel and proclaim the long-awaited arrival of the kingdom of Heaven.  Yet even as He gave them authority and power to perform miracles, He warned them that the journey would not be easy.  They would face intense opposition, even to the degree that their life would be threatened.  Instead of being welcomed and their message believed, there would be many who would ridicule them and hate them.  This was not what they expected or wanted to hear.  Knowing their heart, Jesus recognized the fear and apprehension that was arising within them.  Faced with the opposition of the religious leaders and the people, they could easily allow fear to silence them.

Therefore, Jesus warns them not to allow anxiety to mute their message.  In His challenge to them, Jesus provides the basis for their confidence even in the face of opposition.  The basis was the fact that God was the one who was in control and He was the one who provides for them.  They were not to be afraid for their lives were ultimately controlled by an all-powerful God who  gives eternal life to those that love Him.  To drive His point home, Jesus reminds them that God provides for all creation and that He is watchful and mindful of everything that happens within creation, even down to the smallest detail and the most insignificant event.  To illustrate, Jesus points to the sparrow, a bird that was of no value.  Yet, even as we consider the sparrows to be insignificant and valueless, God cares for them and oversees their life.  
Jesus goes from the lesser to the greater.  If our heavenly Father watches over and protects the life of an insignificant sparrow, how much more does He watch over and protect us, who are the apex of His creative work and imprinted with His image?  So in tune is our heavenly Father to everything that happens in our life, He even knows the number of hairs upon our head. Our lives are not outside God’s care and concern. He not only knows every event that happens but He is actively involved in providing for us just as He provides for the sparrow.

The point that Jesus makes is that we are not to allow the present adversity we face and the fears that grip us to cloud our eternal perspective and our understanding of God’s involvement in our lives.  We are not to give in to fear because we have a God who is fully engaged in our lives and governing the events that happen.  Furthermore, He has already given us the assurance that our eternal destiny is already determined.  He has given us the hope of eternal life.  When we face persecution and rejection, when we face uncertainty in the present, when we struggle with fear because of the circumstances, we can have confidence that our eternal destiny is already established. No matter the struggles we face in the present, they are no threat to our security in God.  When you find yourself becoming discouraged and anxious about tomorrow, step outside and listen to the songs of the birds, for they are singing an anthem of praise that God is still in control, He is watchful over us, and He will care and provide for us every day and in every circumstance.  They remind us that we, too, can sing, for God protects us.

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