Enjoy the Moment

Enjoy the Moment
Ecclesiastes 11:8-10

“Indeed, if a man should live many years, let him rejoice in them all.”

It is easy to become so focused on the future and what we want to achieve and attain in life that we stop enjoying the present.  The book gives us an accurate picture of life in a fallen world.  Sin has brought futility and brokenness in a world God created for our enjoyment and accomplishment.  However, the book does not desire to leave us there, wallowing in a meaningless life with no purpose and where all ultimately has no value in death.  As he reaches the book's climax (11:7-12:14), the sage seeks to give us the answer to finding meaning and enjoyment in life.  Even though we are traveling towards death, where all wealth and accomplishments are nullified, we are still to remember that life is a gift from God and the dawning of a new day brings a glorious sunrise for our eyes to enjoy (vs 7).  In spite of all the frustrations of life, Solomon challenges us to stop to enjoy the moment, which is God’s gift to us.  
In verse 8, we are challenged to find joy in life.  But again, as Solomon has done repeatedly, we are to keep life in balance and avoid the extremes of becoming sad and melancholy in the face of death and the other extreme of ignoring death’s reality and becoming overly engrossed in the pursuit of pleasure.   We are to avoid becoming the ascetic who denies all pleasure and the hedonists who live for the next party.  We are neither to be the playboy nor the prude.  Solomon reminds us that when we are young, we are to enjoy the moments of each day.  In our youth (and in our old age), we can be so focused on the attainment of goals, moving up the corporate ladder, becoming a success, and developing our financial portfolio that we do not stop to enjoy the moment and enjoy the life God has given us in the present.  However, in our enjoyment of life, we must also recognize that we are still to live within God’s word and righteousness.  Life's enjoyment is to avoid the snare of the enjoyment of sin where we always think that “tomorrow I will live for God.”  We must never forget that God will hold us accountable for our actions. So, in our enjoyment of life, we live with an eye upon eternity and God’s will for us.    
So many times, we either live in the past, always carrying the ball and chain of events that happened many years ago, or are overly obsessed regarding the future, always living with the desire for something we have not yet obtained.  Instead, we are challenged to recognize that real life is lived in the moment, and we are to enjoy the moment that we now have.  For all its problems, life is still a gift from God, and daily, He bestows upon us His blessings (from the beauty of the northern lights to the enjoyment of spending time with family and friends).  These small blessings are not to be overlooked.  They are God’s gift to us so that we find joy in each and every day.  Instead of worrying about the future or lamenting past events, enjoy this day that you have.  It is a gift from a gracious God for you to enjoy.

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